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  1. Hello Karen,

    Here my mail with my questions. I hope that you today ore tommorow can give answers on my questions.

    What is the defintion of social work in your country?

    Do you have five tasks as a social worker in the VS? What are these five tasks?

    Which normative aspects are playing a part as a social worker?

    Which methods and techniques use the social work in the VS?

    Which personal, technical and normative aspects play a role in social work?

    Do you have any other importent information about social work in your country?

    I hope to hear from you. Thank you!

    Greets Annabel


    1. Hi Annabel, Thanks for writing! I think you can find most of the information you need on the BLS web site:

      I’d also add that there is no much need for social work services and often when our services are needed the most, they are hardest to find. I’m very encouraged bythe work of social workers such as Nancy Smyth who wrote an insightful post about her work here:

      Good luck!


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