Using Twitter in Reclaiming Macro Practice, and Affirming Our Social Work Roots #MacroSW #swtech

New publication!

Congratulations to #MacroSW partners Sunya Folayan, Laurel Hitchcock, and Karen Zgoda for their publication in a special issue of Reflections on the Interconnectedness of Micro and Macro Practice: …

Source: Using Twitter in Reclaiming Macro Practice, and Affirming Our Social Work Roots #MacroSW #swtech

Digital Literacy in Social Work Education: A Case Study Incorporating Technology and Social Media Within the Social Work Curriculum

Now published – Digital Literacy in Social Work Education: A Case Study Incorporating Technology and Social Media Within the Social Work Curriculum in the Special Section on Multimedia in Nonprofit Education of the Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership. I discussed this work at CSWE APM back in October. Here is the abstract:

To remain competitive and culturally competent, social work education must incorporate digital literacy and technological instruction to prepare students for work with clients and colleagues throughout their professional lives. When instructors offer a grounding in technology skills for modern social work practice and provide feedback to students in a supportive classroom setting, social work students become more confident and poised to handle the complications of technology and social media while interacting with clients, agencies, nonprofit organizations, and society as a whole. The purpose of this article is to present a case study of a social work course on classic and contemporary communication skills that focuses on communication, writing, and digital literacy, designed for BSW students. The article includes rationale for course development, course description, and sample digital writing activities from the course.

I worked with amazing social work writer Kryss Shane on this article. Special thank you to Jimmy Young, editor of this special issue, for your feedback and support to improve this work. To access the article (log in required), head to the journal’s web site. To follow updates on this work, head to my ResearchGate page for the article.

Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics (JSWVE) Term Paper Contest


(Editor’s note: I am a copy editor at JSWVE)

The Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics (JSWVE) is sponsoring a term paper contest.

The term papers will be collected by the JSWVE editorial board and judged by a board of professionals not associated with JSWVE. Winning papers will be published in the Fall 2015 issue of the Journal.

Details for the contest are:

  • Must have a central theme of social work values or social work ethics
  • Must be written as an MSW or BSW student (student may have graduated)
  • Must be nominated by a faculty member (the nominating professor’s name will be published)
  • Must follow the general manuscript submission guidelines found at
  • Must be in APA citation style (except NO headers, NO footers, and NO page numbers)
  • Deadline for submission: May 15, 2015
  • Paper must be submitted by email to with a copy sent to
  • Winning term papers will be published in The Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics in the fall
    issues of 2015.
  • Judges will be professionals who are NOT associated with the JSWVE editorial board

Judging criteria will include:

  • Demonstration of Critical Thinking
  • Relevance to Theme of Social Work Values and Ethics
  • Relevance and Interest of Essay to Social Work Students, Practitioners, and/or Academics
  • Coverage of the Topic
  • Use of Relevant, Scholarly Citations
  • Coherence (flow of ideas)
  • Quality of Writing (literary competence, spelling, grammar, organization)
  • Originality (of topic, ideas, and/or arguments)


Back to School Guide for Social Work Students eBook Published!

Update February 2014: Now available in the iBooks store!

Update: We got a wonderful testimonial from a reader!

“As a former admissions director in a school of social work, I spent lots of time looking for resources to best prepare incoming students for their studies and new careers. Years later, I’m delighted to discover this recently-released publication by Linda Grobman and Karen Zgoda. Contained in this book are the kinds of resources I’d tried to assemble for new social workers becoming acclimated to the scholarship and service of the profession. Needless to say, I’ll be sharing this important publication with colleagues and students enrolled in my social work courses.”
— Jeff T. Steen, LCSW, PhD student, adjunct instructor, New York University

The NEW SOCIAL WORKER® Magazine’s Back-to-School Guide for Social Work Students eBook is now available! I’m so excited to share this new eBook with you!


Here is a word from the Publisher:

If you are a social work student, we have the new guide you need…our “hot off the press” THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER Magazine’s Back-to-School Guide for Social Work Students, edited by Linda Grobman and Karen Zgoda. This e-book is available now in Kindle format at:®-Magazines–School-Students-ebook/dp/B00EZAXVJ8/

You can download the e-book in other formats at:

You can read contributions from:

  • Jonathan Singer, TIP: Go the Distance
  • Erlene Grise-Owens, Traveling Toward a Social Work Degree: 10 Road-Tested Trip-Tips
  • Allan Barsky, TIP: Ask for Honest Feedback
  • Liz Fisher, Nicole Reed, Loran Stough, and Matt Tracey, Making the Most of Field Seminar
  • Kryss Shane, TIP: Get To Know Your Classmates
  • Marian Swindell, 11 Tips for Professional Behavior in the Classroom
  • Addison Cooper, TIP: “So What I Hear You Saying Is…”
  • Ellen Belluomini, TIP: Minimize Distractions to Increase Your Focus and Attention
  • Brad Forenza, TIP: You Can Get Clinical Licensure With a Macro Concentration
  • Mozart Guerrier, TIP: Focus on Your Purpose and Imagine Your Perfect World
  • Karen Allen, What Is an Ethical Dilemma?
  • Sonya Hunte, TIP: Build Authentic Relationships
  • Kathy Black, Considerations in Writing a Literature Review
  • Dorlee M., TIP: Got Therapy? We All Have Wounds…
  • Stephen Marson, TIP: When in Crisis, See Your Advisor
  • Denice Goodrich Liley, TIP: If I Could Do This Over
  • Jerry Finn, To Once and Future Research Students
  • Mike Langlois, TIP: Change the World
  • Jeff Baxter, What I Have Learned About Learning
  • Ogden Rogers, TIP: Get the Ticket—Take the Ride!
  • And yours truly 🙂
    • SW 2.0: How to Communicate Effectively With Your Professor
    • Back to School Resolution: Avoid Common APA Mistakes
    • (Ctrl + C) + (Ctrl + V) = Homework NOT Finished

The photos on the cover are from my dissertation stream on Instagram.

Please share and help spread the word to all social work students. Hope you enjoy this new guide and find it helpful. Have a great semester!

SW 2.0: Going Where the Client Is: Exploring Virtual Clinical Social Work Practice

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Folks, the next SW 2.0 column for The New Social Worker Magazine is ready! You can read it at the links below:
If you prefer, you can download the full magazine issue here.

This article profiles the amazing virtual clinical practice work of Nancy Smyth, Mike Langlois, DeeAnna Nagel, and Kate Anthony.The article also has many additional resources if you would like to explore virtual clinical social work practice.

I should also note that it is with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to writing the SW 2.0 column regularly. Unfortunately, I am not able to write the column on a regular basis while wrapping up my dissertation at the same time. I will still write about technology for The New Social Worker as time permits, and will blog about technology and social work at I hope the column helped you think about integrating technology into your practice in new ways and explore the possibilities these technologies extend. I strongly believe it to be at the heart of innovative social work practice in the future, and look forward to seeing your contribution to the field. Although we won’t get to hang out via the column as often as we’d like, Linda and I are brainstorming ways to continue to provide this information, so stay tuned. Keep pushing the envelope, trying new ideas, reaching out and connecting with one another, and learning new ways to connect with clients and help them help themselves on their journey. It has been my pleasure to interact with you and explore how social workers can use technology better. Learning new things helps us grow and develop as a profession and as professionals, and a proactive attitude toward innovative practice will ensure that we are doing everything we can to help the clients we care about so much.