Reengaging with Self-Care Video Live on Routledge Mental Health

As a Routledge author, I was asked to create a short video for their Mental Health Experts site. Here is more information about the site:

We know how resilient and creative you are having to be during these unprecedented times, so our authors are here to help you with any lingering questions or issues you may be facing. In these carefully selected, free resources, our experts share quick tips to help you navigate new and challenging circumstances in your clinical practice, in your patients’ lives, and in your own personal activities. These accessible, short videos cover topics from self-care tips, to advice on supporting patients’ and clients’ multiple concerns, to ideas for remote clinical practice. We hope these tools help you continue to succeed as you adapt to a changing world.

My video on Reengaging with Self-Care is listed under Therapist Self-Care videos. I hope you find it helpful!

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