FL Social Workers Vote for Susan!

Update: SUSAN WON!!

Folks, I am so happy to endorse Susan Mankita for NASW Florida President-Elect! Susan has been a dear colleague for nearly 20 years and I am confident social workers in Florida will benefit greatly from her caring, passionate leadership. According to Susan:

In case you haven’t heard, I’m running for President-Elect of NASW Florida. I’d really like the opportunity to serve you and other Florida social workers, but I can only do that if I win the election. Those that know me, know that I’ve devoted 20+ years helping social workers, as an educator, supervisor, trainer and mentor. As President-elect, I’ll pour my heart into ensuring we use our resources to create an NASW that listens to, advocates for, and serves the social workers of Florida. I’ve had a career filled with opportunities to educate, mentor and support social workers and have borne witness to the challenges of our work.  That gift, and so many other wonderful things have happened in my own career because of my membership and connection.  I believe NASW has a lot to offer social workers and want to make our resources and support more accessible, especially for colleagues in need. That’s why I’m running for NASW Florida President-elect.

You can vote right now! The election is currently open, online, and will be only for the next week.

If you are a member of NASW in Florida, please vote for Susan today and forward it to your individual social work colleagues as well (please don’t “tag” NASW itself – that’s not allowed).

To vote, (before July 19). Go to https://vote.associationvoting.com/naswfl/

You will need your NASW member number to logon.

(If you do not have your member number, please contact us at 1-800-352-6279 or email: info.naswfl@socialworkers.org and we will provide it to you.)

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