A Child’s Voice – Watch this Film Today!

I am thrilled to support and recommend the film A Child’s Voice from No Restrictions Entertainment. This film is now available to rent online for $3.99.

A Child’s Voice from No Restrictions Entertainment on Vimeo.

Supernatural thriller. A homeless teen hears the voice of a child calling for help and leads him on a journey to track down the child’s killer. #EndHumanTrafficking

Press release: drive.google.com/file/d/1Fyx5ey5fVYYgEird9zhEm3W-atfrDor-/view

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As a social worker, I greatly appreciate the tough subjects that No Restrictions Entertainment addresses and the loving, social justice-oriented perspective that John Paul Rice brings to these films. I first met John back in 2011 when I interviewed him for an article in The New Social Worker Magazine. At this time I learned of his innovative use of Kickstarter to both create a community with his films and fund this important work. John’s work has always tackled important social issues and difficult interpersonal dynamics in an approachable, multidimensional human way that is not often seen in film.  

John’s current work, A Child’s Voice, builds upon this rich history with an impressive cast that truly brings this story to life. Children that survive horrific sexual abuse and sex trafficking are seldom given a voice in our popular culture, and yet A Child’s Voice not only gives them a voice but an avenue for justice for the crimes committed against them. These crimes may be difficult for some to fully comprehend, and yet the silence and absence of dialogue about these crimes only serve to exacerbate their negative ramifications for the children and families involved. Child sexual abuse is more common than most realize. One estimate suggests “one in 9 girls and 1 in 53 boys under the age of 18 experience sexual abuse or assault at the hands of an adult.” Additionally, it is estimated that there are currently 5.5 million child victims of sex trafficking. A Child’s Voice is critically important for social workers, law enforcement, and the general public in order to enable conversations and actions needed to stop child sexual abuse and sex trafficking, and help spread the love, understanding, and knowledge survivors need from us to heal as best they can. I strongly encourage you to support this work. 

I was so excited to attend the premeire of A Child’s Voice last week in Los Angeles. I had such an amazing time! 


Sherrie Gonzalez, John Paul Rice, and Karen Zgoda. Photographer Joseph Cruz jmcpresence.com


Karen Zgoda and Sherrie Gonzalez. Photographer Joseph Cruz jmcpresence.com


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