How to Respond to Professional Disappointment and Setback

I’m currently in a revise and resubmit cycle with my dissertation committee. In brief the dissertation is written and will take some major work to complete to the satisfaction of all committee members. Mind you, I found this out 4 days prior to a scheduled defense date, so my body told me I needed to spend some time licking wounds before starting revisions. It’s amazing what a two week migraine cycle will teach you about self-care (hint: DO IT), friendship, and trust amid professional disappointment and setback. I can’t thank all my wonderful friends and colleagues  enough for their support and encouragement and laughter and love during this time.

Coincidentally, it seems that Stephen Colbert  also experienced his own work-related WTF this week.  Daft Punk was supposed to appear on his show:

Wouldn’t that have been amazing? MTV, however, had other plans.  Apparently MTV had exclusive performance rights for Daft Punk because they would be performing at the VMAs (side note, since when does MTV fight for music to be shown on MTV?!):

Here is Stephen’s pitch perfect response to the whole fiasco. LIKE A BOSS kids, watch and learn:

May Stephen Colbert and Bryan Cranston and Jon Stewart Charlie Rose and Jeff Bridges and the Rockettes turn any disappointment you encounter into a star-studded roller disco. Now go get lucky, punk.  🙂

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