SW 2.0: Going Where the Client Is: Exploring Virtual Clinical Social Work Practice

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Folks, the next SW 2.0 column for The New Social Worker Magazine is ready! You can read it at the links below:
If you prefer, you can download the full magazine issue here.

This article profiles the amazing virtual clinical practice work of Nancy Smyth, Mike Langlois, DeeAnna Nagel, and Kate Anthony.The article also has many additional resources if you would like to explore virtual clinical social work practice.

I should also note that it is with a heavy heart that I bid farewell to writing the SW 2.0 column regularly. Unfortunately, I am not able to write the column on a regular basis while wrapping up my dissertation at the same time. I will still write about technology for The New Social Worker as time permits, and will blog about technology and social work at http://www.karenzgoda.org. I hope the column helped you think about integrating technology into your practice in new ways and explore the possibilities these technologies extend. I strongly believe it to be at the heart of innovative social work practice in the future, and look forward to seeing your contribution to the field. Although we won’t get to hang out via the column as often as we’d like, Linda and I are brainstorming ways to continue to provide this information, so stay tuned. Keep pushing the envelope, trying new ideas, reaching out and connecting with one another, and learning new ways to connect with clients and help them help themselves on their journey. It has been my pleasure to interact with you and explore how social workers can use technology better. Learning new things helps us grow and develop as a profession and as professionals, and a proactive attitude toward innovative practice will ensure that we are doing everything we can to help the clients we care about so much.

2 Replies to “SW 2.0: Going Where the Client Is: Exploring Virtual Clinical Social Work Practice”

    1. Thank you for your kind words Tamara. Trust me, I’m going as fast as I can! The writing however will continue and there are definitely some fun social work and technology projects in the works – stay tuned!


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