(Ctrl + C) + (Ctrl + V) = Homework NOT Finished

Folks, my next sw 2.0 column for the New Social Worker Online is ready! Here’s an excerpt:

Let’s pretend for a moment that your loved one is in the hospital, suffering and dealing with a crisis and in need of care. Or perhaps you are the one who needs care. How would you feel if you learned that your caretakers hadn’t done all they could to become excellent care providers? Or routinely skipped classes and were now making treatment decisions? How about if these professionals had hired someone else to write their papers or carelessly “Googled it,” missing a valuable opportunity to learn? Can you even imagine what their case notes and paperwork would look like without all that practice writing papers in school? In short, would you trust them to provide high quality care?

It seems there are more and more options these days to use technology to cut corners on assignments, posing a host of ethical problems and concerns about social work practice quality.

Read the whole article here:

Social Work–THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER Online–Magazine for Social Work Students and Recent Graduates–Articles, Jobs, & More – (Ctrl + C) + (Ctrl + V) = Homework NOT Finished.

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