It Gets Better Project: Looking to Interview Social Workers and Viewers

My next SW 2.0 article for The New Social Worker Magazine will profile the It Gets Better Project. Dan Savage began this YouTube project to reach LGBT youth who may be struggling with coming out, being openly gay, finding support, and coping with being bullied. Watch Dan’s message below:

I think this project does a wonderful job of providing support resources, especially for those with few resources in their communities, and advocacy, being defined by Elizabeth J. Clark, executive director of the Washington-based National Association of Social Workers, as “representing, defending, supporting or intervening on behalf of an individual, group, or community.” While it may not be a complete answer to all the issues the project raises, the project is an easily accessible way to get the conversation started while providing youth with critical resources and support.

To that end, I’m looking to interview social workers, video watchers, and others who can provide insight and perspective on this project. I’m hoping to learn about how social workers can use these videos in their practice, especially with LGBT youth, implications of this project for social work (i.e., what other causes social workers care about can follow a similar model?), lessons learned, and personal perspectives folks are willing to share. Identifying information will be kept confidential if requested.

Please share with friends and colleagues!

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