New SW 2.0 Article: Adventures ‘Round the Social Work Web

Folks —

My next SW 2.0 column for The New Social Worker Magazine, Adventures ‘Round the Social Work Web, is ready!  Here’s an excerpt:

Back-to-school season is here, and it’s time to make sure our Web browsers are ready to handle our information needs for the semester. While we can certainly Google just about anything and find information, sometimes it is helpful to start with sources that have already done some of the searching work or promise to do some work for us. Maybe it’s a resource center or nonprofit organization or association that focuses on a specific area of our interest. Perhaps they have fielded a number of questions on a particular topic and created a toolkit, decision tree, or worksheet to help make the process easier for others.

In any case, the resources below are a carefully selected bunch. This list includes sites that do not just display information but share tools you can use (for free), stories, and guides to help inform your practice. Colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, the Blogosphere, and others recommended some of these sites. Most of them are sites I have used to inform my own practice and the social work courses I have taught. I hope you will also enjoy them and discover some new Web sites to aid your social work practice. Let me know of any you’d like to be included next time.

Read the rest of the article, including all those helpful web sites, here:

Here’s a more direct “link to the links”:

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